* Department members should refer to this page for current monthly Fire, EMS & Squad trainings.

* Look to the links page to refer to our department calendar for various trainings, events, and department related events.

The fire department is currently accepting applications and looking to put on part time paramedics. Please refer to our facebook page for applications and submit them to either station anytime.

* Fire Engineer class has concluded. We had a great group of people that took the class and we were proud to be able to help them in this stage of their life and career. Congratulations to everyone that made it through. Be safe out there!

* As many of our members already know, we have recently put into service new air packs. These packs are much different than our old one operating at different pressure and having several other different features. Please seek our personnel that are able to explain EVERY new feature and operation of these new air packs. Thanks.