The Cleveland Township Fire Department is a Combination Fire Department. We have both paid and volunteer members. Our coverage area is approximately 18 square miles.

  Cleveland Twp. is located in the northwest corner of Elkhart County, IN. The department provides Firefighting, Fire Investigations, Fire Prevention Inspections, Medical, Rescue, and Educational services.

   A further explanation of the services we provide are as follows:

1. Firefighting- Structural, Refuse, Grass, Vehicle, Woods and Misc.

2. Fire Investigations: The Department has 5 State Certified Fire Investigators and 1 I.A.A.I.-C.F.I. Certified. (International).

3. Fire Prevention Inspections: All Fire Prevention Inspections within the jurisdiction are done at no cost to the property owner. Evacuation plans, Storm Shelter plans and Fire Drills.

4. Medical Response: The Department currently is operated at the Paramedic level. Paramedics have a wide ranging ability for advanced medical techniques. Of course, our Advanced EMT's, EMT's, and First Responders provide excellent care as well.

5. Rescues: Auto Extrication, Machinery Extrication, Water Rescue.

6. Educational Services: Fire Prevention Classes for Elementary School, Home owner Associations, C.P.R. for Businesses. Cleveland Twp also has several members that are certified instructors at various levels of Fire Services as well as Medical services.

7. Hazardous Material Operational Level.