We have a certified car seat technician on staff for anyone that might need assistance in this matter. If you would like assistance with a car seat installation, and/or would like to learn the safest ways to secure your child’s car seat, please call our North Station for appointment between the business hours of 8am-5pm to schedule an appointment.
Cleveland Township Fire Department North Station

51233 County Road 5
Elkhart, Indiana 46514
Phone: (574)264-5443
FAX: (574)206-9483 

  The Cleveland Twp. Fire Department now operates two paramedic ambulances with 5 full time staff members on at all times and the chief is also on during the week. This allows us to operate in a much safer manner with our manpower and provide the best level of medical care with our increased coverage of the township. Please refer to our links section to look at our calendar to know who is on staff during our day to day operations.

  A long term goal for Cleveland Township Fire is to Build a New Fire Station on Township owned property. This would place Township Government and the Fire Department under one roof. This Building is being designed as a "green style" building, meaning much of the building supplies and processes, will be energy efficient and safer for the environment. We are currently trying to find a suitable location for the new station as well as any funding that may be needed. Stay tuned not only to our website but our facebook page for any updates on this matter. The new location would also place the Fire Department in the center of the Township. It would also put our current apparatus, from both stations, under one roof. This would be an advantage for the residents of the community by cutting response time by at least 4 minutes to the Southern part of the Township.